Its easier said than done. It’s easy to think about the lows than the highs.

It’s easy to do wrong than the right. It is easy to focus on the dark than the bright.

It is easy to cry than laugh. It is easy to spend than earn.

It is easy to curse than learn.


It is easy to dream than damage.

It is easy, to be honest than pretend.

It is easy to move forward than look back.

It is easy to be deaf to those who are dumb.

It is easy to live than die every day.

It is easy to say thank you and make your way.

It is easy to BREATHE than break…














Its i


The Universe and it’s vibes

22nd Jan, 2018

I have been hearing this for a few days now.

Give the universe the right vibes or else it will get confused. What are these right vibes? I mean do we not change the energies that we emit with our mood swings? Today I am happy and I want everything around me to be happy and I also want the universe to find me my dream job.
The very second day I am a bit cranky and my dream job goes to the dump and I all I want is everyone to go away. How does this universe work?

Well, let’s go with what I have to communicate to the universe today.

Hey, the universe, I need to travel the world and for that, I need lots of money. For the money, I need a great job. A job that I will be good at and something that I love. I love to talk, network, eat, drink and stay fit. I love to have a balanced life and I love to make the meticulous checklists and budgets. I somewhat like to control things that I do but I am a team player as well. I think so :). I love entertainment in every form. Be it music, movies or shows. I love it all. I love drama and I love setting up things from the scratch. I love meeting people and I can talk non stop and yeah I think I can negotiate too.

Huh, that’s a bit too much about me. So, now can you find me my dream job Mr or Miss Universe. Giving it all to you.

Love to the universe.



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